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October Goals...

Okay, I was able to cross off half of my list for September & the ones that I didn't get to cross off, I'm gonna have to work on this month plus some.  So, here we go.

  1.  Mandie/Stepdaughter Dinner.*  Actually, I should say "Mandie/Trouble Dinner" cuz I tend to spend more time with Sunshine as of late but that's because Trouble is always with friends & I really think that her & I know don't know how to approach each other right now with all the crap that has gone on lately.  I mean, she sent me a Facebook message & I replied but nothing else besides little bits in passing.  Ugh.

  2.  Donate.*  The stuff to take to Goodwill is getting out of control & I really need to get it taken asap.  I used to have my mother-in-law take it but she'll go through it & take things out that she thinks should be kept.  Drives me nuts.  Plus, I have some blankets I want to take to the Humane Society along with some food.

  3.  Craft Project.*  Although I did do some crafting last month, I didn't finish the one project that I really wanted to finish.  So, I need to finish that up & work on some other misc. things like Mason Jar Pumpkins that I saw here.  Yup, wanna do them!  :)

  4.  Workout.*  Yup, still really slacking on this.  I have a membership at the YMCA & have not used it in months!  That's crazy.  I'm just donating to them, I guess...can I use that for number two?!  Ha!

  5.  TV/Movie Night With Paul.*  I'm sure that this will start happening about once a week starting next week - the premier of American Horror Story:  Freak Show.  I got him hooked on that show cuz I made him watch the first season on DVD with me & then we watched Asylum and Coven on TV.  But I'm pretty much convinced that the only reason he watched Coven was because one of this girlfriends, Emma Roberts, was in it.  Ha!  I'll take it though.

  6.  New Ride?  Paul mentioned that with Trouble going to a different school that when she gets her license, she may need to drive to school.  So, he suggested that she gets my car & I lease a new vehicle.  I love my car but the idea of finally getting my black Jeep Grand Cherokee does sound pretty frickin' sweet...but I just paid off my car a couple of months ago & having a car payment again doesn't sound very appealing.  So, I'll need to sit down & really hash that whole thing out.

  7.  Christmas Shopping.  I should probably get my list out & start coming up with ideas for gifts & maybe getting some.  I already have Chelsie's Christmas present but I'll get a little something more to go with it.  If I can get Chelsie done &, at least, one other person done, I'll be happy.

  8.  Wedding Pictures.  I have most of these in an album already but I ran outta room so I need to find out where my mother-in-law got the album she did so I get the rest of the pictures into an album.  Plus, I had made a picture book on Walgreens of the professional pictures & I have yet to order it cuz it's a little pricey.  I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet & get it ordered.

  9.  Anniversary Gift.  Mine & Paul's first wedding anniversary is coming up so I should think of something pretty cool to get him but I'm not sure what.  I'll have to buckle down & think & get something by the 19th.  We're going to Minnesota that weekend to celebrate so I better get on top of that.

  10.  Bathroom.  I've been wanting to redo the main floor bathroom but nothing real crazy but it just has not come to me yet.  I'm gonna have to do some serious thinking & get something down in there.  Right now, it's just a modge podge of stuff & if you know me, you should know that I don't like "just a modge podge of stuff".  Ha!

Okay, lets see how this girl does this month.  *crosses fingers*

* = goals from last month.


  1. Christmas presents already?!?! No. NOOOO. I am so poor haha

    1. I know, I hate the thought of Christmas shopping too. Ugh. :\


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