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"You Love Me, You Really Love Me"...

I feel so special that I was nominated for the Liebster blog award by the lovely Jenni.  Thank you so much, you really did make my day!  Many hugs sent your way.

How It Works:
I post eleven facts about myself.
I answer eleven questions asked by Jenni.
I nominate eleven bloggers that I love.
I list eleven questions for them to answer.

Eleven Random Things You Didn't Know:

  1.  My current argument for drinking Mountain Dew is that it has orange juice in it.  It's the third ingredient so there is a lot in there.

  2.  I have pure disgust for Brett Favre.  He's like my ex-husband.  I loved him when I was in high school, then he cheated on his wife, did drugs, left the Packers for the Jets & then went to the VIKINGS.  I know, I know, he brought Green Bay some Lombardi trophies but he wasn't the only guy playing.

  3.  I collect tissue paper.  You may think that this is a joke, it is not.  Call it being cheap or resourceful but I like to reuse tissue paper.

  4.  We have a room in our house that we call "Harry's Room" as it's a little room underneath the stairs just like Harry Potter's.

  5.  If Jennifer Aniston came knocking on my door, I would become a lesbian for her.  She is beautiful & I just wanna braid her hair.  Gorgeous! 

  6.  Jill & I have plans to have an all female commune after our husbands all die in an unfortunate blimping accident.  I kid...or do I?  ;)

  7.  I have a box of My Little Ponies from when I was a wee little one & I'll never give them up.

  8.  I have offered to exchange Tyrion for D...K did not like that offer.  Maybe if I offered her some Justice clothes as well.  Hmmm...

  9.  I've been in the legal field for twelve years.  Damn, that's a long time...DAMN, I'm old.

  10.  Most of the time, I'd much rather be around kids than adults.  Too much drama with adults.

  11.  I love pictures & I think that every home should be crowded with pictures of people you love.

Jenni's Questions

  1.  Who is your favourite Disney character & why?  I'm gonna go with Ariel.  I always wanted to be a mermaid when I was younger & she was so pretty.

  2.  What is the one thing you wish you were better at?  I wish I knew how to sew.  So, if anyone would like to teach me, that would be great!

  3.  What was your favourite TV show as a child?  Are You Afraid of the Dark?.  Oh yea.

  4.  Who was your first celebrity crush?  How old were you?  Michael Jackson & I was less than five years old.

  5.  If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?  On the beach with my book.

  6.  Have you ever won a competition of any kind?  Hmmm...not that I recall.

  7.  What is your favourite snack?  Pretzels.  Yummy.

  8.  Share a favourite photo or yourself. What's the story behind it?  This was the first time that I ever chopped my hair for Locks of Love.  It felt so good to do something so wonderful for someone else.

  9.  Who is your favourite music artist?  The Beatles.  Hands down.

  10.  What makes you feel most alive?  Driving with the windows down & the music loud.

  11.  Do you have any pets? If not, do you want any?  We have three cats - Chandler, Magic & Tyrion.

Eleven Bloggers I Love

Eleven Questions From Me To You

  1.  If you could "spend the night" with any celebrity, who would it be?
  2.  You're in a zombie apocalypse, what's you weapon of choice?
  3.  What is your favorite magazine?  
  4.  Your next born child/pet, what would you name it?  
  5.  What would you eat - cockroaches, worms or donkey balls?  
  6.  Find the craziest picture of yourself & explain the madness behind it.  
  7.  You go to get a manicure, squared or rounded nails?  
  8.  If you were a wrestler, what would your name be?  
  9.  Favorite chapstick.  
  10.  I'm coming to stay with you, what fun activities will you plan for us?  
  11.  East coast or west coast?  

Thanks again, Jenni, for making me feel cool!  Ladies, I hope that you have fun with this!  

Much love!


  1. I would definitely be at the beach right now too!! and i love that you still have the my little ponies!

    1. Maybe I should play with My Little Ponies on the beach!!!! : o


  2. Loved learning a little more about you! I, too, loved My Little Ponies... but sadly I didn't save any! Good thing I have a boy and not a girl :) Oh, and although I don't like Mountain Dew, I love your #1. OJ makes it healthy! I wonder what ingredent #3 is in Oreos... because that is my current addiction! lol
    Thanks for the nomination!

    1. I'm sure that you can find something healthy in Oreos. :)

  3. Ohhhh totally posting this in a few days. So happy you nominated me :) As for your answers, Are you afraid of the dark was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Lyla is starting to collect my little ponies too!

    1. I cannot wait to read what you post! :)

      Are You Afraid of the Dark was amazing. It's on Amazon Prime & I really should re-watch them all now that I'm a big girl. Ha!


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