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It's All About The Hunger...

...the hunger for the Hunger Games.

So, I decided that after seeing Mockingjay:  Part I for the second time I would do a little bloggy-poo all about the Hunger Games. So, here...we...go...

  1.  What was your favorite book from the series?  Catching Fire.  I loved the whole thing - the love forming between Katniss & Peeta, the arena, the start of the rebellion, etc.  Awesome.

  2.  What was your favorite movie so far?  Again, I'll have to go with Catching Fire.  I love the introduction of all the new characters especially Johanna.  She's awesome!

  3.  In the movies, what was your favorite fashion statement by Katniss?  I'm gonna go with the shawl/scarf things she wears at the beginning of Catching Fire.  But I also like the feathered ball gown as well.

  4.  Are you Team Peeta or Team Gale?  Team Gale & not because he was played by Liam Hemsworth.  I liked Gale in the books & until the end of Mockingjay, I really thought he was the best for Katniss cuz they were so much alike...I was wrong, I'm glad that it was Peeta she ended up with.

  5.  Favorite crazy outfit worn by Effie in the movies.  I'm gonna go with the butterfly dress.  I think that's amazing.  If I had the talent, I would so make that for a Halloween costume.

  6.  Name something from the books that didn't make it screen that you wish would have.  The fact that Peeta has a prosthetic leg.  They really downplayed the injury he had in the movie.

  7.  Who's your favorite non-main character?  I think that I'll have to with Johanna.  She is tough through & through.

  8.  Your favorite Haymitch moment.  I'm gonna go with one from the book where he ends up puking all over the train on the way to the Capital the first time with Katniss & Peeta.

  9.  How do you think the casting people did for the characters?  Who did you think fit the best & who you didn't picture?  I think that they did rather well.  My favorite was Woody Harrelson as Haymitch or Lenny Kravitz as Cinna.  The one that had to grow on me was Sam Claflin as Finnick.  I pictured someone just massive like Kellan Lutz as Finnick.  But Sam grew on me & when he's a torn man in Mockingjay, I thought he was great.  Plus, I love his voice.  :)

  10.  How do you think you would fair in the arena?  Not well, not well at all.  I would probably jump off the lil pedestal right away so I would blow up & not have to endure a slow painful death by arrow or whatever.  Ha, ha! 


  1. I liked Mockingjay a lot. The first half of the book was pretty slow and so I just knew they'd have the make the movie much more exciting and they did. A lot of reviews say how the movie was boring but um they didn't have much to work with, all that stuff was important... so sorry every second isn't actioned packed for everyone. The next movie is going to be so kick ass because it's mostly all action! I am team Peeta for Katniss and team Gale for myself :) Liam is so so hot. When I read the first book I was mostly team Gale and then I read the second book and became team Peeta! I just the way she'd freak out and get so protective of him in Catching Fire. Yay for all your Johanna love!

    1. I am SO excited for Part II. It is gonna rock...but be horribly sad at the same time. Ugh, I'm torn. Ha!


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