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I know that I do my Musical Mondays but I could not resist doing this link-up with Ms. Helene cuz I love music & I wanna share to good tunes to the world!  Ha, ha!

My first pick is Dangerous by Big Data.  This song caught me RIGHT AWAY.  I heard about five seconds of it, Shazamed it & added it to my "starred" playlist on Spotify.  Awhoo hoo!

At the mention of Spotify, I must do some soap boxing for a moment.  Taylor Swift, yea, she can kiss my ass.  "I'm not getting enough money for my music so I'm gonna pull all my music from Spotify."  What a whiny lil baby!  I understand that these artists & their teams need to be paid & they do, handsomely.  So, if you're a real artist aren't you happy getting $125,000 streaming your music to world...wait, aren't you happy to be getting anything to spread your art to BILLIONS of people.

Ms. Swift, you really can take your music & shove it.  My feelings aren't that hurt that I won't have your sad little tunes about all these boys dumping you in my ears.  & maybe these guys you were with aren't the problem...I'm thinking it's probably you.

*drops microphone, steps off soap box*


  1. I agree with you about T Swift and Spotify, I mean, come on!! Thank you for sharing this song! Adding it to my playlist, so good!

    1. Yea, I'm glad you liked it & adding it to your playlist! Awhoo hoo! I did good! Ha! :)

  2. Can't judge Taylor Swift over here! I have a million exs and if I were a musician I'd probably write tons of songs about them too! My friends all use Spotify and I've been meaning to check it out!

    1. Spotify is one of the best things ever! Not even joking. I pay about $15 a month for it & it's the best $15 I'll ever spend. You really do need to check it out.


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