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Friday Five...

It's Friday, it's Friday - awhoo hoo!  I decided for today's Five that I'll do my five favorite Disney princesses.  I've been thinking about doing this one for quite some time & today is the day I'm gonna do it.  However, I'm gonna work this backwards to my favoritest.  :)

5.  Jasmine.  When Aladdin came out, I had everything Aladdin themed - bedset, dolls, stuffed animals, etc.  I loved Aladdin & everything about it.  I not only had the soundtrack but the sheet music to the soundtrack so I could play my flute right along.

4.  Anna.  Some people would pick Elsa & she's cool as shit & such, however, she's not a princess.  She's the queen.  Also, I think that poor Anna just gets tossed to the side & she's actually the main character on Frozen.  I think that she's a fabulous lil lady.

3.  Rapunzel.  She is just so stinkin' adorable & sassy with her lil frying pan.  Plus, what lady wouldn't want a Flynn Rider of their own...excuse me, a Eugene of their own.  Ha!

2.  Cinderella.  Yes, children, this is what Cinderella really looks like in the movie.  Not that digitally cleaned up version.  Even she is a victim of photo shopping.  Ha!  I cannot even tell you how many times I've seen Cinderella.  I love it!  I would like to get my butt to the theater to see the live version but I haven't had a chance yet.

1.  Ariel.  The lovely red-headed mermaid.  I pretended to be her in our pool, I'd cross my ankles so it was like a fin & I was her...didn't take much.  Ha!  I didn't have as much Little Mermaid stuff as I did Aladdin but Little Mermaid has been my favorite ever since the first time I saw it.


  1. Cute idea! Mine are somewhat similar:

    5- I can't think of a 5th haha
    4- Anna
    3- Rapunzel
    2- Ariel
    1- Belle

    1. Belle is a good one too, I think that she deserves an honorable mention for sure. :)

  2. My favorite animated movie is The Fox & The Hound (no princesses). Ha!

    1. You know, I don't think that I've ever seen that movie in its entirety. :\

  3. Since I've been trying to get rid of tons of "stuff" I rarely use, I've been going through my CDs lately. After a recent trip to Disneyland I listened to all my Disney CDs and asked myself the same question - who's my fav "princess"? I loved Pocahontas. Not really a Princess, but the Disney character I found most inspiring. Strong, clever, deep, and she didn't get her "prince" at the end :(

    1. I consider Pocahontas one of the princess. But she was a good one too. :)


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