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The hubby & I went to see Insurgent on opening night - Friday.  I will start off with the fact that I read this book about a year ago but there are just some things that stuck with me from the book that didn't make it in the movie like the fact that Tris had a very difficult time handling guns after she shot & killed Will but they just showed her jumping right in.  I feel that in the book, they made her more human rather than a robot.  I liked the movie but it wasn't as good as Divergent or anything close to The Hunger Games series.

However, I still love my girl, Shailene.  I think that she is so stinkin' adorable.

Plus, who wouldn't want to stare at Four aka Tobias aka Theo on the big screen for a couple of hours?!  I know that I thoroughly enjoyed that.  

Insurgent's Grade:


  1. I read Divergent because of the craze surrounding it. I'm not really into YA Dystopia books, but I get why it's interesting to a lot of people. My take on Divergent was I'm looking forward to the movie. Then, I didn't see the movie. Ha! I want to, I need to...then, I can see this.

    1. I'm a big geek that way, I love the YA novels. I do love "big girl" books too but the hype of the YA books is so crazy sometimes that I just have to be apart of it. Ha, ha!

  2. Yeahhhhhh this movie was so so different than the book. The ending the woman didn't even say her name so that Tris knew she was related... that part of the book like SHOCKED ME and had me freaking out when I read it so how in the world did they not inlcude it? I really really hated her hair and the 3d made me so sick so I was pretty distracted by those things honestly. Four was sooo sexy, more sexy than the first movie. I don't know, it was just really different then the book and so I was even confused sometimes because of it. I hated that they didn't show she was immune to the truth serum. At least this time they showed her brother as the asshole he really is, unlike the 1st movie where they made him seem better than he was haha. It felt like they were really wrapping up the end of this movie in order to NOT make another one.

    1. Thank you! I thought I was going a little crazy cuz I too was confused by the movie. & I too thought about them not releasing the name of the "video lady" to tell everyone that Tris & her were related. There was just so much & I'm just letting everything sink in before I see it again. I typically like the movies based on books I've read better the second time around.


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