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February & March Ipsy Bag...

I thought it might be a good idea to get my Ipsy reviews out there for the February & March bags before the April one comes out...I'm so far behind.  Ugh!  So, here they are:


The whole set.

I think that this bag is "totes adorbs" but I let Sunshine give it away as part of a birthday gift.

Eva NYC:  Volumizing Spray
I have yet to try this & I'm almost afraid to in fear that it'll leave my hair greasy...I hate greasy hair.

Rob Scheppy eyeshadow
I love the eyeshadow, however, it's difficult to open the case & I've dug my nail into it multiple times.

Mitchell & Peach face oil
I thought this stuff was pretty cool.  I used it a couple of times after washing my face for the night & didn't leave my face greasy like I originally thought.

City Color lip stain
I liked this stuff, it gave enough color that it was noticeable but not too much that I thought I looked like a hooker...I hate looking like a hooker.  Ha!

ModelCo Blush
I don't wear blush so I gave it to Sunshine to use cuz she'll wear a little blush from time to time.

Emite Makeup eyelash curler
I cannot tell you how well this thing would have worked cuz the first time I used it, it snapped & hit me in the eyeball so I got pissed & tossed it.  Not happy with that.


The whole kit & caboodle.

Pur~lisse cleanser
This stuff was pretty frickin' amazing.  I loved it & I seem to like anything from the Pur~lisse line.

Vintage eyeshadow
I'm always looking for a pink shadow that's pink enough for me & can never find one...I'm still on the lookout for one that isn't a cream based.

Boo Boo Cover-up concealer
I don't use much concealer but I used a little bit of this to try 'er out & it did do a decent job of covering my blemish.

NYX Butter lipstick
I tried this & I just cannot get into lipsticks.  I keep trying but I always feel that it's just too much for me - lip balms, those are my jam.

Dr. Brandt lotion
Anti-aging...really?  Are you trying to tell me something Ipsy?!  I have used this & it is as it says "non-grease", I hate that greasy/oily feeling that some moisturizers leave.  Blah!


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