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Musical Monday...

Fire by Crazy World of Arthur Brown

I choose this song as it's an inside joke & it was played during the World's Largest Trivia Contest this weekend.  They tend to play some obscure songs during trivia weekend & I think that I like that more than wanting to shoot myself because I know absolutely none of the answers to the questions.  Ha, ha!

Anywho, my weekend was pretty dang good.  I had the day off on Friday so I had an appointment for a 90 minute hot stone massage at 9:00 a.m. & I got up early enough to enjoy a cup on the front porch:

I got home from my massage, took a quick shower & hit the road again to meet up with my friend, Ashlee, for lunch at Erbert's & Gerbert's for a tasty sub sammich.  It was delish.  She headed back to work & I then headed to have a quick visit with my friend, Courtney, who was in the hospital.  I chatted with her for over an hour & then took off back home to take Sunshine to her mother with Paul.  We then went out for dinner at his favorite hibachi place & then to the martini bar:

I had me a regular chocolate chip cookie dough martini, a baby white chocolate martini and a baby butterscotch sundae martini.  Now, I'm a lightweight, so I was pretty drunk for our ride home.  Oops!  So, I told the hubby to drop me off at home & he could go visit a friend that was in town for the weekend.  I got ready for bed & pretty much passed right out.

Saturday, got up & the hubby took me out for brunch.  It was quite yummy but I could hardly eat any of it.  *insert sad face here*  Then Paul went out with a buddy & I did a little bit of shopping, went home, turned on Dirty Dancing & worked on a painting for my friend, Christa:

Can you tell that plenty of painting has taken place on that table?!  Ha!  I haven't posted this pic on Instagram yet as I'm waiting to give it to Christa before I post anything.  Don't wanna spoil the surprise, you know.  Then the hubby got home & I suggested that we go out to this new tap house to try their burgers & boy, we were both pretty dang happy that we decided to:

I got myself the Brews-chetta burger & OH MY GOD!  It was amazing!  & the fries we got tasted just like the fries you get at the fair.  We are for sure going back!  Then we hit the local grocery store for some ice cream, headed home to plop it in front of the TV to watch This Is Where I Leave You (I'll do a review at a later time) & enjoy our ice cream.

Yesterday, I got my butt outta bed, started my chores & then picked up Jill & "D" for lunch, shopping & picking up Sunshine from her mother.  We had a lovely day & then headed home to where laundry was waiting for me to fold, then painted my nails & watched Game of Thrones.

A pretty good weekend, if you ask me!  :)


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