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Musical Monday...

Burn by Ellie Goulding

I chose Burn because I burned the roof of my mouth yesterday on pizza & it's still bothering me, drinking my morning coffee wasn't as enjoyable as it should be.  Sigh.  That's what I get for being impatient with my supper.

Anywho, my weekend was pretty rockin'.  Friday right after work, I stopped at a local coffee shop for the best frappe ever - Reese's Pieces:

While sipping on my delicious treat, I got myself ready for the evening.  The hubby & I were kid-less so decided to venture out to casino to meet up with some friends for some gambling & dinner.  Paul & I ended up getting out there early so we did some gambling before our friends got there & I won about $500 on one slot machine.  I was SO excited cuz if you have read me before, you know that I never win.  So, after dinner, I didn't want to do much more gambling, I wanted to take my money & run.  Ha, ha!  I wanted to hit Avengers anyway so we ventured...however, my left contact had other plans for me.  I did something & it hurt so bad on the way home, I got home & after much messing around, I got it out...well, part of it.  It had been ripped.  My eye hurt horribly & was all red & swollen so we couldn't hit the movie.  Boo!

Saturday was insane - lunch & a little shopping with Jill, "K" & "D" & then home to get Trouble ready for prom which did not start off well.  The dress didn't fit right (leave it to her to put it on last minute).  So, when it was time to leave for pictures, we were searching for safety pins.  I had to pin her dress in the parking lot of the park but with the beading she had on the dress, you couldn't tell there were many safety pins holding it together:

Trouble & her boyfriend, Trenton.

Trouble & her date, Gabe.

Trenton didn't want to go to prom (not his cup of tea) so when their friend, Gabe, asked if he could take Trouble to prom, all parties were in agreement.  With how things had gone with Trouble over the last year & the fact that I paid for everything last year - spray tan, hair & nails.  We told her that we would only do one of those things this year - she choose nails.  She borrowed a dress & did her own hair & makeup & wore shoes she already had.  Thank God!  Prom is WAY too expensive, if you ask me.

After pictures, Paul dropped me off at home while he took Sunshine to a friend's house for a sleepover so I could get things together for a cookout we were invited to by my biological father & his wife (long story).  I had everything ready to go & we jumped in the car & headed out.  We sat around just chatting away until about 8:00 when we hit the road to get to Avengers.  No contact dilemma this time!  Awhoo hoo!  Plus, my hubby let me get the kids' pack that came with an Avengers cup.  I, of course, choose Thor:

I'll give my review of the movie in a later blog but I will say that it was action packed fun.  Ha!

Yesterday, since my allergies were kickin' my butt, I pretty much hung out inside doing my Sunday chores.  Nothing too exciting which was good after the fun-packed weekend.  :)


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    1. They are so delicious. If I could send you one, I totally would...or you come to good ol' Wisconsin & I'll buy you one. :)


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