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Friday Five...

Another, it just seems like it was Friday.  Ha!  Anywho, this week's Friday Five are movies that I cannot wait to see.  The hubby emailed me this morning & told me that they are releasing Sinister 2.  I loved the first one, so good.  So, here are some upcoming flicks that I cannot wait to watch:

  1.  Star Wars:  The Force Awakens.  First of all, how badass is that movie poster?!  Shit!  I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan but I am a fan of the franchise - except for Episode One, I really disliked that one.  Anywho, when I saw the preview with Han & Chewy, I almost lost it.   Add the Ewoks & I'm done!  Tee hee!

  2.  Mockingjay:  Part II.  I am really anxious to see how they do some things that were in the book.  It's gonna be intense.  For those of you that haven't read the books (which I urge you to do so), you're in for a wild ride cuz it's gonna get CRAZY!

  3.  Ant-Man.  Yes, you read that correctly, Ant-Man.  I'm a huge fan of Paul Rudd & I've become a real superhero nerd as well so this movie is right up my alley.  Also, I cannot wait to see all these superheros come together - The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy - it's gonna make my head blow up, that's for sure.  Ha!

  4.  Minions.  Seriously, if you do not like the minions, you have no soul cuz they are the best things EVER!  They crack me up!  Even my grandfather loves them & wants to see the movie...but when it comes out to buy/rent cuz he doesn't do theaters anymore.  Anywho, an entire movie dedicated to these guys -!  :)

  5.  Paper Towns.  I got this book read & now I'm ready to view this film.  If the studio did half as good as they did The Fault in Our Stars, this movie is gonna be great.  I did like TFIOS better than this book but they are pretty different from each other.  All I know is that I really like John Greene so I'm pretty excited to see this.


  1. Oh, I need to read that last book. I loved TFIOS! And I'm so excited for the final Hunger Games movie!

    1. Yes, you should totally check out Paper Towns. The movie comes out in a couple of weeks so get 'er read so you can compare to the flick! :)

  2. I'm really curious how they're going to do certain things in Mockingjay with the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman because his character plays such a big role. There will not be enough tissues for me to get through that movie I think.

    1. It's gonna be a rough ride. I do know, however, that PSH only had a small bit left to do when he died & they got the approval from his family to do what they had to do digitally. It should be interesting.

  3. Yesss Paper Towns, I am SO EXCITED. Super duper nervous to see who he's casting for Looking For Alaska, one of my very favorite books, now that Paper Towns is coming out. Also, excited for Mockingjay Part 2!

    1. Are they doing Looking for Alaska?! That is on my list to read & I hope to get to that next. I love his books, he's amazing. :)

  4. SUPER excited about Mockingjay part 2! Is it November yet?! ;) I didn't think I would be interested in seeing ant-man but the preview actually looks really good! I'm pumped about that. AND Inside out ;)

    1. Yea, the whole idea of Ant-Man kinda had me raise an eyebrow but I just know that I have to give a try - I mean, Paul Rudd & Marvel - awesome. :)

      Inside Out, yes, I want to see that one too. It looks hilarious!

  5. ahh can't wait for mockingjay part 2!!! looks SO GOOD! my husband wants to see ant man so bad but I'm not sure what I think yet haha
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. Yea, Ant-Man is gonna be a different one & probably not one of the best Marvel films but gotta give it a try. :)

  6. My 7 year old stepson is with us this weekend...we may go see Minions tomorrow :)

    1. Oh, if you saw it, you'll have to let me know how it was. Those lil guys crack me up! Tee hee!

  7. This is awful but I've never seen any movie with the minions in it. I know they're from a popular movie but I don't even know what the name is!! I need to catch up with the times! :)

    1. Oh my gosh, girl, go out right now & rent Despicable Me 1 & 2. They are awesome. Not only will you get the minions, you'll get lil Agnes too who I love - "it's so fluffy!" Ha, ha!


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