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I Am...

What I Am by Edie Brickell

I thought of this song when I first saw the title of Erin's blog posting - I Am.  Yes, Erin, I'm stealing another one from ya.  You are my favorite Blog Bandit victim, you know.  Ha!

I am excited that I have two baseball games to attend tonight & tomorrow.  Tonight with my mom, aunt & bestie.  Tomorrow night with my husband, cousin & her fiancee.

I keep hoping that at some point, that things will soak in to my hubby & eldest stepdaughter's brains which will able them to think.  Trouble has gotten better.  *knocks on wood*  However, the hubby wants me to do this co-parenting thing with him but doesn't include me in on things.

I wish I could have a cottage on a lake somewhere up north.  I would SO love to be setting on a dock right now with a cup of coffee & my book.

I sing all the time.  It's my favorite thing to do in my car - roll the windows down, turn up the music & sing.  I think I'm good...others may not agree.  Ha!

I dance horribly.  Well, again, I think that I have moves but the rest of the world may not think so.

I think that as soon as my ankle heals up, I'm gonna have to start running or walking or something cuz my pants are getting a little snug & I don't want to buy new pants.  I happen to like the pants I have.  Thank you.

I really want Ashley to come up here for a visit around the 4th of July.  I miss her.  Ashley, get your Kentucky bum up here for some Polito's & some good Wisconsin cheese/beer!

I need a vacation far, far away.

I should really look into getting a new Kindle.  I love the one I have but I've had it for a couple of years now & she's starting to get pretty slow & freezing up at some points.  :(

I can walk to & from work, if I wanted to but that would not work well as I like to leave the house at about 7:58 & I would not make it to work in time if I walked.  Tee hee!

I like you.  I do, really...well, maybe not really cuz there could be a serial killer reading this & I would not like a serial killer...unless you've been confused with a cereal killer then I would like you cuz I too like to kill cereal.  Ha!

I love Mountain Dew.  I don't care what anyone says, I love it.  It's the best thing in the word & makes me happy.  Plus, I like to use the argument that it's good for me cuz it has orange juice in it.  Don't believe me, look, it's the third ingredient.  No jokes.

I make delish soups - chicken wild rice, potato, chicken dumpling, chili.  I would like to try to make other soups like beef barley & taco but my family isn't real excited about those.  Plus, I have to wait for football season before making soup again.  Another reason I miss I ready for some football?  You're damn right I am!

I always prefer a quiet night at home over going out to the bars.  Once in a while to watch a sporting event is fun or beating the pants off my hubby in darts but I'd much rather go to a movie or stay in to watch a movie.  I'm a homebody, this is true.  I do, however, enjoy little gatherings around the fire, those are always nice.

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