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Friday Five...

It's Friday, it's Friday!  Awhoo hoo!  I love Friday!  Ha, ha!

Today's five will be based on my new obsession - my fruit infuser water bottle.  Yes, I'm obsessed with this thing, I drank four bottles of water yesterday & for a person that only drinks one a day, that was impressive.  Right now, I have frozen berry medley from Walmart in it but here are some other fruits I'd like to try:

How she feels about being a bestselling author is how I feel about my water bottle.

  1.  Strawberry & kiwi.  I really dislike cutting up kiwis but I love the way they taste especially with strawberry.  Yummmmmy!

  2.  Lemon.  Just plain ol' lemon.  I used to really dislike lemons in my water but lately, I've been diggin' it.  So, I'm gonna hook it up with some lemon love!

  3.  Mango.  I tried mango for the first time last summer & I loved it.  I saw at The Walmart that they had frozen mango & I like the idea of having the fruit frozen as it works as an ice cube in keeping the water cold.  :)

Oops, wrong Mango.  Ha!

  4.  Oranges.  The martini bar that Paul & I stop at every so often in the Appleton area always gives a glass of water with an orange slice & it's delish.  So, yup, gonna do that.

  5.  Cucumbers.  Who doesn't love cucumber water?  If you haven't tried it, you must go to the closest spa & try it.  It's amazing!  So, maybe I'll feel a little spa getaway every time I take a drink of it...while sitting at my work desk.


  1. I'm one of the few Americans that prefers sparkling water...and I love it with fruit in it. Lemons, limes, oranges, mandarins...mostly citrus.

    1. Hmmm...mandarins...I might have to try those as well.

  2. OMG ... SNL!! MANGOOOOOO!!! Thank you for that!!!

    1. Who doesn't love Mango...the fruit & the man. Tee hee!

  3. Ooh I've never thought about putting mango in my water. I might need to try that. The fruit, not the dancer although I appreciated the SNL references in this.

    1. SNL is great & when I tried to find a funny mango picture, it kept coming up with the man not the fruit so I went with it. I really wanted to do a gif with him but didn't find a good one.

  4. I somehow have never tried cucumber water and allllll I hear about is how I need to try it. I WILL I SWEAR

    1. Yea, you need to try it, like, right now. So fresh & crisp tasting. :)


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