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Musical Monday/Weekend Update...

Gossip Folks by Missy Elliott with Ludacris

I went through a Missy phase on Saturday & that's what I had to listen to.  I love me some Missy, when I still owed CDs, I had every single one of hers.  Love her!  :)

Anywho, on to my weekend - it was a decent one.  Friday night, I went to check on Chelsie's kitties right after work & hung out for about an hour.  The silence of their house was great...I miss that.  Ha, ha!  Then I went home, picked up the hubby & we went out for supper.  After supper, we hit up the wine bar & then a local tavern for some darts.  We then went home where we started Wet Hot Summer but didn't finish it as Paul feel asleep & I was getting there.  I'll have to finish it & do a review.

Saturday, I was up & out the door by 9:45, got myself a Reese frappe from the coffee shop & headed to my aunt's to help put flowers together for my cousin's wedding.  I didn't get home until about 5:00.  It was a long day & I realized that the gal that replaced my sister as a bridesmaid, I want to smack her.  Way too controlling & my cousin doesn't speak up.  She told me that she liked a certain type of ribbon & when I gave it to the gals working on her banquet, they did a flat-out "no, we're not using that".  Really?!  I mean, things turned out well but the rest of us really couldn't do anything without The-Bridesmaid-From-Hell's opinion.  Ugh.  Frustrating.  But it's done now so that's good.  Then I went home, the hubby picked up some grub for Sunshine & I & we watched Hot Pursuit (review can be found here).  Then I went back over to Chelsie's to check on the kitties, came back home & just hung out playing on my Kindle until I went to bed.

Yesterday, Sunshine left for Iowa, she'll be gone for a week.  So, the hubby & I went out for brunch & then decided to take the boat out.  The water was pretty rough & it was pretty warm but that meant that I actually had to get in the water.  Now, I typically will not get into the water of a lake or river cuz of my fear of fish but it was just too warm & we needed a cool down.  We hung out in the water for a bit & it was nice.  Then home to do some chores & watch some of The Soup.

So yea, a decent weekend.  :)


  1. Missy is the SHIT!
    Reese's frapp?!?! WHERE?????
    Ugh. That bridesmaid. It's not YOUR day, bitch! lol

    1. Missy is the SHIT! True frickin' dat! Ha!

      Oh my gosh, our local lil coffee shop makes the best Reese's Pieces frappe, so delish. Whenever I have a chance to get one, you best believe I have one in hand. The Cookie Monster frappe there is pretty good too. Guess you'll have to come up to Wisconsin for a visit & I can take you out for a frappe. :)


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