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Twenty Things About Me...

So, yup, the Blog Bandit struck & the victim -  Karli over at September Farm.  Thanks, girl!

1.  Favorite food.  Cheese.  My latest cheese obsession has been colby jack & sharp cheddar cheese sticks.  They are the perfect bedtime snack...for me anyway.  :)

2.  Flip flops or high heels?  If you could just see my walk in high heels, you would beg me to put on flip flops.  It's a mess of a sight, let me tell you.

3.  Favorite places to shop...for me!  Maurice's & Victoria's Secret/Pink.  Although, the last couple of times I've been in Maurice's I haven't found anything that I just had to have & VS/Pink, I need to stay out of them as I have WAY too many pairs of underwear & bras.  No jokes.  I have a problem.

4.  Standard coffee order.  A caramel latte.  That's my favorite.  Yummy!

5.  Road trip must have snack.  Lately, it's been original Pringles.  Very delish.  & then some water or Fruit Punch Gatorade.

6.  DIY or hire it out?  Luckily, my father-in-law is pretty handy & we haven't really done any really big projects around the house so it's either Paul &/or I doing it or my FIL.

7.  Top five TV shows.  I'm gonna go with current Top Five:  Heroes, Fear the Walking Dead, Jimmy Fallon, The Soup & Grimm.

8.  Favorite book.  I'd probably have to say Pet Semetary by Stephen King.  I've read it multiple times & I may just have to read it again soon.  :)

9.  Favorite form of exercise.  Treadmill.  I don't run, I typically do a fast walk because I have bad knees & a hip so I don't overdo it.

10.  How tall are you?  5'4".

11.  Do you try something new at restaurants or stick to your favorites?  I typically stick with things I know that I will like but sometimes I do branch out from my norm to try something different.

12.  One makeup item you can't live without?  Eyeshadow/mascara.  It's the only makeup I wear so I cannot live without it.

13.  What's on your nightstand?  Lotions, chapstick, tin o' silver, cellphone, Kindle, book & chargers.

14.  One thing motherhood has taught you.  Kids are hard.  I mean, I thought that but now, I KNOW it especially teenage girls.  They are the worst creatures EVER!  Ha, ha!

15.  Music that reminds you of high school.  *NSync, Juvenile, Mystikal, Nelly - I apparently liked the hip hop a lot back in the day.  :)

16.  If you could live anywhere in the world other than your current city, where?  Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  As I get older, I realize how much I love Wisconsin & that I don't want to leave it.  Sun Prairie is a suburb of Madison which I love & just about an hour drive to Milwaukee.  Perfection!

17.  Tell us something about you we might not know.  Hmmm, I think that I'm pretty much an open book but if there is anything you want to know, ask.  :)

18.  Websites you read/browse (besides blogs).  Facebook, Instagram & E! News.

19.  Morning person or night owl?  I'm really not either - I hate getting up but I don't like staying up late either.  So, what would that be called - an Afternoon Avenger?  Ha!

20.  What's your best feature?  I guess I would go with my eyes, I like the color of them - hazel.


  1. Replies
    1. I know, right?! If I could just sit around listening to some old hip hop while munching on cheese, I would be a happy girl. :)

  2. I like the term Afternoon Avenger. I'm that myself. My favorite foods answer is always all things cheese & all things potato!

    1. Put those things together - delicious cheesy potatoes. Yummy! Now, I want some cheesy potatoes.


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