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Guess what, today is Opposite Day or Sarcastic Day, whichever you prefer.  I know that I'm supposed to be blogging about what I love on this Wednesday but I'm gonna do what I "love" - insert eye roll here.

I "love"...that some pathetic little life forms broke into Greg's truck early this morning & stole a brand new gym bad that was part of "K"'s birthday present.  The person/s went into the truck (it wasn't locked - doh!), found the bag, took all the packing paper/cardboard out of it, left the garbage in the truck, left the door of the truck wide open & took off.  Luckily, they didn't take anything else & the battery didn't die due to the door being left open.  But they stole part of a little girl's birthday gift, what a bunch of losers!  Scum of the earth...

I "love"...that when Trouble was home for supper the other night, she still has NO idea what she wants to do when she's done with school.  She has less than a year, she actually has about four months cuz if she wants to apply to some colleges, she has to do that by December.  Paul suggested that she go with her original plan of going into the Navy but she said that she doesn't want to do that anymore & Sunshine, without looking up from her plate said:  "that's because she doesn't want to be told what to do".  Ha, ha!

I "love"...that the girls' mother doesn't want to help pay for things for her kids.  She told Paul that she wasn't going to be paying for extracurricular activities.  Oh yes, she is!  She doesn't pay child support or hardly anything else, she chips in when she feels like it.  Well, that's gone on for far too long.  She's either gonna pay for half of the girls' stuff or she's paying child support.  Plain & simple.  I just don't understand her thought process sometimes.  Ugh!  She has said many times that those girls aren't mine but apparently, it's okay for me to pay for things for the girls that aren't mine.  She drives me batty!  Grrr!

What are you loving/"loving" today?


  1. I'm sorry you are having issues with the girls' mother not helping out financially. I have another friend in that situation. His ex-wife won't help out at all. :(

    1. It's pathetic & she knows that Sunshine wants to be involved with all these things & she was agreeable to Sunshine picking up gymnastics (unless her grades dropped when school started - which I totally agree with) but now she doesn't want to pay. That's fine, we'll just go after her for child support then. :)

  2. I love (do not insert eyeroll because I'm being serious) that you used Rob Zombie's Scum of the Earth for that first paragraph. Perfect. Perfect choice for that loser thief.

    The stories we share about our teenage step-daughters...oh, the stories we share.

    1. I love that song SO much! Rob Zombie is amazing!

      Yes, our stepdaughters keep our lives interesting, that's for dang sure. Ha!


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