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Tuesday Talk...

Today, I'm gonna talk about social media.  While it can be great to connect with people, it can be totally evil at the same time.  Back in my day (yes, I'm aging myself), you actually had to talk to someone face-to-face, over the phone or by letter.  There was none of this instant crap - "oh, I'm pissed off & I'm gonna post a status about a certain person for the WHOLE world to see".  In my day, you actually had to use your brain a little bit & think before acting.  Everything is so instant now & that tends to get people in trouble & feelings hurt.

I've been trying to drill into Trouble & Sunshine's heads that they need to think before acting.  Mature people use their mouths to talk not their fingers.  It just irritates me to see not just teenagers but adults blasting other adults & sometimes kids via Facebook or whatever.  It's quite sad.  I've been seeing it for years & I sometimes think about closing my Facebook down because of it but I do like the upside of staying connected with some folks.  Ugh.

Because I'm practicing what I preach, I've been really strong for the past twelve hours after someone blasted my cousin, Alysha, on Facebook.  This girl is one of the most beautiful people I know, inside & out & the fact that she's being "attacked" really upsets me.  But I figure the best I can do is be the bigger person & just think about all the things I want to say, leave them in my brain & just be positive for her.

Sometimes...being the bigger person is really tiring...


  1. Hello from Tuesday Talk. I couldn't agree more with your thoughts about facebook in general, but really any social media platform. It can be good, but it can also be used for bad. People need to be just as respectful towards others on these as they would in person. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us today. Being the bigger person does get tiring, I agree.


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