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It's Wednesday So That Means...

I confess...that as I sit here, I see big ol' snowflakes falling outside my window.  We had one big snow storm here in Central Wisconsin, I'm ready to go back to NOT having snow.  #ILoatheSnow #WhyDoILiveInWisconsinInTheWinter

I will look just like this when I walk among it.
I confess...that the hubby & I don't have plans for NYE yet.  I talked with Greg last night & he's searching for a sitter & I thought that maybe we could go out do dinner & then maybe back to our place for some Cards Against Humanity or something low key.  #IDontDoBarsOnNye #ImBoring

I confess...that all I want right now is a lil salted caramel Bailey's to put in my coffee.  Doesn't that sound amazing?!  #WhereCanIGetMeABottle #ItsFiveOClockSomewhere

I confess...that I want some greasy fast food for lunch today.  I think that's what I'm gonna do.  Go to local joint & get my hamburger kids meal with a Pepsi & an order of cheese curds.  Yummy!  #ItsTheHolidaysCalor…

Tuesday Talk...

Gee, what do I want to talk about today?  I don't know.  Maybe I'll go with reflecting on the year known as 2015.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the year:


Getting ready to jump into the freezing Wisconsin River in January.  Brrr.

Me & my "big bro", Greg, at the work Christmas party.


Chandler hangin' out in my Thirty-One tote.

A trip to see my sister & she left me these "feel better" goodies in my room.  :)

Trying Ice Box wine at Cold Country with there fine folks. That wine was SO dang good!

My hubby on his 39th birthday.  The big 4-0 in March!  Eeek!  :)

Watching the Badgers beat Kentucky in basketball to be in the Final Four! ON WISCONSIN!

I made this sign for my friend, Christa, who battled breast cancer earlier in the year. She is one of the coolest people you would meet so she deserved this BIG time.

Me & the hubby at Northern Invasion.

A view of my happy place.  :)

Jill & …

The Year 2015: Books I've Read...

Well, it's that time, the time to do end of the year postings.  My first one will be about the books I've read over the year:

  1.  Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me by Chelsea's Family, Friends & Other Victims.  Anything having to do with Chelsea is always a go for me.  I love her & I miss her TV show SO much.

  2.  Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I really enjoyed this book but I could not stand the way it ended.  Drove me banana sandwich.  I did also enjoy the movie as well.  Plus, got to see Ben Affleck's "business".  Tee hee!

  3.  Invisible by James Patterson.  I love, love, love me some JP.  His books rarely disappoint & this one was pretty dang good.  I always recommend JP to people & would recommend this one as one to check out.

  4.  Paper Towns by John Green.  I know that it's been awhile since I've said it but I really love John Green.  His books always capture me & I speed through them quickly.  Great reads & the movi…


I had such a fun time doing the My Holiday Spark photo challenge set up by Helene and Taylor.  I actually did it every day until Christmas Eve & then dropped off as I was too busy.  But here are some of my favorites that I did:

My Fall/Thanksgiving decorations.

Cheese & crackers that look like pieces of pumpkin pie and mini pumpkin pies. Wrapping gifts for Secret Santa and the "Giving Tree" mom with an old record playing in the background.

I couldn't find a wreath that I liked so I made one.

Merry Christmas from Tyrion!

Darth Vader hanging out by Sleeping Beauty in Greg and Jill's tree. My Christmas gifts from Chelsie and Jill. I love everything!
All the Christmas goodies are ready for tomorrow!
Did you join in on the Instagram challenge?  If you wanna see more of my of #MyHolidaySpark pics you can check 'em out here.