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Twenty Questions...

Jen over at It's my Life.... posted this & I figured that since I haven't done a survey in a long time, I would do it.  So, here we go:

  1.  Favorite Food.  Carbs - crackers, pasta, etc.  My desk drawer at work is filled with different kinds of crackers for my afternoon snacks.

  2.  Flip Flops or High Heels?  If you've seen me walk in heels, you would laugh hysterically at me.  So, flip flops all the way.

  3.  Favorite Place to Shop for Yourself.  Scheels.

  4.  Standard Coffee Order.  Depends on where I'm at:  work is creamer & a packet of hot cocoa; home is a packet of hot cocoa & whatever flavor K-Cup I grab; coffee shop is typically a caramel latte.

  5.  Road Trip Must Have Snack.  Original Pringles, Fruit Punch Gatorade & Mountain Dew.

  6.  DIY or Hire Out?  We typically do DIY.

  7.  Five Favorite TV Shows.  Friends, The League, Grimm, American Horror Story & The Walkin Dead.

  8.  Favorite Book.  Pet Semetary.  I haven't read it in a long time, I should really get that one on my Kindle & give it another read.  :)

  9.  Favorite Form of Exercise.  Cleaning the house with music blaring in my ear holes.

  10.  How tall are you?  5'4".

  11.  Do you try something new at a restaurant or stick to favorites?  I typically stick to my favorites.  I don't like to venture too far out of the norm.  Ha!

  12.  One makeup item you cannot live without.  Eyeshadow.

  13.  What's on your nightstand?  Lamp, Kindle, phone, lotion, chapstick & some other small miscellaneous items.

  14.  What is one thing motherhood has taught you?  It's not easy.  You always feel that you're being mean or yelling.  But I try to remind myself that my mom probably thought the same thing & I thank her EVERYDAY for how she raised me cuz I wouldn't have turned out the way I did if she didn't do what she did.

  15.  Music that reminds you of high school.  For some reason the one song that's really sticking out in my head is Back That Azz Up.  So, mostly hip hop tunes from the late 90's.  Ha!

  16.  If you could live anywhere besides your current location, where would it be?  The older I get the more I think that leaving Wisconsin is not an option.  I love Wisconsin.  But I would prefer to move down to Sun Prairie or Watertown to be closer to Madison & Milwaukee.

  17.  Tell us something we might not know.  I wish that had some type of Star Wars undergarments to be wearing today.  Ha!

  18.  Website you browse/read besides blogs.  Facebook & Instagram.

  19.  Morning person or night owl?  Lady of the Afternoon - I don't like to get up in the morning & I don't like staying up late but I can totally rock an afternoon.  Tee hee!

  20.  What's your best feature?  My peepers.  :)

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