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Tuesday Talk...

Hmmm...what to talk about on this day's Tuesday Talk...I'm not real sure.  So, I hit up my Bloggin' board on Pinterest for an idea.  I found "List 10 Things That Make You Really Happy".  So, I think that I'm gonna go with it.  These are in no particular order.

  1.  Music.  If I could listen to music all day, everyday, I totally would.  That's why Spotify is the best $15 or so that I spend every month.  I typically listen to Comedy Radio in the morning before work to start the day off with some giggles.  :)

  2.  Tattoos.  If my job/savings account allowed it, I would be covered.  Okay, maybe not covered but I would have more.  I currently have ten & I cannot wait to add to my "collection".  I am hopeful to have my next one done before spring comes.

  3.  Reading/Books.  Now, anytime that I'm not listening to music, I would like to be reading...sometimes I even like to listen to some Classical music while reading.  It helps me keep out the noise from whatever crap my husband is watching on the TV at bedtime.

  4.  Friends.  Both my actual friends & the TV show Friends.  Ha!  I know that everyone says that their group of friends is the best & I really do believe that my group of friends is pretty flippin' fantastic.  Not only do I have a lot of friends but the quality of them is pretty great.  :)  As for the TV show, I mean, I even need to go there?!  Tee hee!

  5.  Family.  Now, I have some friends that I consider family & people that used to be family but due to divorce aren't really family anymore.  Make sense.  Example:  my aunt, Julie, isn't really my aunt anymore.  She was married to my maternal uncle & they have since divorced.  I still consider her my aunt & her new husband & son with him - my uncle & cousin.  Family is what you make it & they are family to me.

  6.  Mountain Dew / Coffee.  I've loved Mountain Dew for a very long time.  My mom wouldn't buy it at home & I tried to reason with her that it had orange juice in it so it was good for me as I would be getting my vitamin didn't work.  Ha!  Coffee, well, that's a new love that entered my life well into my thirties.  My friends, Jill & Chelsie, made it their mission to get me to be a "big girl" who drinks coffee & wears fashion scarves...they won, I am weak.  Ha!

  7.  Maurice's / Pink / Victoria's Secret.  I will say that about 97% of my wardrobe is made up from those three stores.  All of my "unmentionables" are from Pink or VS & I have a lot of it.  No jokes.  I could go an entire month without wearing the same pair of underwear twice & more bras then one girl should probably have.

  8.  Cheese.  I truly believe that if you don't LOVE cheese & you are in the state of Wisconsin, you should be kicked out.  I love cheese!  My go-to bedtime snack - cheese sticks/string cheese.  I figure that it's healthy cuz it's dairy & dairy is good for the body & the soul.

  9.  Driving.  There is just something so therapeutic about driving with some music blaring.  I love driving especially in the Spring/Fall with my windows open.  Loves it!

  10.  Wisconsin Badgers / Milwaukee Brewers / Green Bay Packers.  You honestly didn't think that I would leave these out, did you?  These three things make me so happy.  I know that I can always count on having one of these three in my life.  They are the best to me & one of the reasons that I cannot see myself living outside of Wisconsin -  how could I see my boys play?!  They do make me mad but I cannot stay mad at them long as they are engraved in my heart & body (tattoos of all three logos).  So, ON WISCONSIN / BREW CREW / GO PACK GO!  :)

What are some things that make you happy?  


  1. I like this list because I can relate to almost all of them. You should do a post about all of your tattoos and tell their story. I'd be interested.

    1. You know, I keep meaning to do one about my tattoos, I just gotta get someone to take pictures of them for me, I keep forgetting. :)


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