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Friday Five...

Ugh, it's totally one of those days where I do NOT want to be at work.  There are just so many other things that I would rather be doing right now & here are five things that I'd much rather be doing.

  1.  Relaxing at the spa.  I just so wanna be one of those ladies that can spend an entire day sitting at the spa getting pampered & drinking cucumber water & just not having a care in the world.  I mean, if that doesn't sound amazing to you, you must be an alien or something.

  2.  Drink martinis.  I have become quite the drink snob lately.  I want fun dessert martinis.  They are delicious & I can typically have about two & then I'm done.  I love them & I want a peanut butter one RIGHT NOW!

  3.  Watch Gilmore Girls.  With the revival being talked about so much lately, I've been getting a hankering to watch the series again.  I've seen every episode at least twice so I think that it's about time to up that to three times.

  4.  Going on an All-Girls' Vacation.  I just wanna gather some of my best girlfriends & go to Vegas or Cabo & just soak up the sun & spend time with my favorite ladies.  Is that so much to ask for?!  I  really don't think so.

  5.  Eat Chick-fil-A.  Have I told you recently how much I love Chick-fil-A?  No.  Well, I LOVE it & the closest one to me is two hours away.  That's just way too far & I need one closer to me or I need to move down by it...which I could total handle moving to Madison.


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Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful...that tonight after work, I'm gonna pick up some din-din for my sister & I & then we're gonna play some old school Nintendo games on her projection screen.  Awhoo hoo!  I am so happy that my sister is back home!  :)

I am thankful...for Stan Lee.  I know that I've probably said it before but this guy is pretty dang amazing with the Marvel characters & stories that came to be from his mind.  I just wish that I had that kind of brain to think up all the crazy things/beings he does.

I am thankful...that in four weeks, I'll be in Las Vegas.  Just me & my hubby hopefully catching a few shows, winning some dough & having some good grub.  We'll for sure be seeing Love by Cirque & then I wanna get him tickets to either Cris Angel or Penn & Teller as a birthday gift.  I tried talking him into seeing Britney but he hasn't caved yet, I'm hoping that he will cuz if I get to see Britney, it would be amazing cuz I love her!

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You wanna talk about something today?  Well, linkup with some fabulous girls for some Tuesday Talk - Jessicaor any of the other hosts.  :)

The only thing I can think about talking about is food, breakfast food to be exact.  I want to fill up on some delish carbs in the form of hash browns, toast, French toast & a sausage patty (just to mix it up a bit).  I want to be sitting at a cute lil diner chomping away...but sadly, I am not, I am at work instead.  Boo!

I am just thinking about all the things I would rather be doing instead of work, like, that in six weeks, the hubby & I will be on our way to Vegas.  The closer we get the more excited I get to be away for a week straight...I may never come back.  Maybe I'll become a cocktail waitress & leave again.  That would be the bestest thing ever...okay, maybe not the bestest but it would be pretty dang cool.

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So, back in the day, there was a linkup about weekly lessons.  I really liked it but since it has crumbled & the linkup is no more.  :(  I really liked doing it so I'm going to continue doing it, join me!
I've Learned...that when Sunshine gets an attitude with me & I make her go to her room & rethink how she speaks to me, she comes down ten minutes later & is sweet as pie.  I even got three "I Love Yous" from her in a span of about thirty minutes.  Ha!  
I've Learned...that I need to make another attempt at the Grand Mac from McDonald's.  I tried to do it last week but did not finish it (I finished the fries & the apple pie though).  That was not good enough for my grandfather so I need to have another go at it so I think that since it's just me & Sunshine again tonight, we're gonna pick up McDonald's again & give it another shot.

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