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Musical Monday / Weekending...

Musical Monday:  System by Jonathan Davis.  The hubby & I were listening to the Queen of the Damned soundtrack on Friday night & I just love this song.  I love watching the part in the movie where Queen Akasha walks into the bar to this song & rips out a guy's heart.  Ha, ha!

Weekend Update:

  Friday - the hubby & I took Sunshine to her mother in Appleton & then had supper at a hibachi place, did a little shopping & then hit up the martini bar.  Now, to say that I am a lightweight is probably an understatement because I was done after one & a half martinis.  We'll just say that on the way home, I had to make Paul pull over for me.  :\

  Saturday - I was up early so I talked Paul into going out for breakfast to a local cafe, then out to the casino where I lost $60 in a very short time so I excused myself to the lobby/outside to read my book.  I was not going to lose any more money.  Then we went off to a local dealership to look at a car I was interested in - a Chevrolet Captiva.

We drove 'er & then also drove a Chevrolet Equinox but I was not comfortable in it & pretty much took it right back, Paul didn't even want to drive it.  Well, we're figuring out the financing & hopefully, "Cappy" will be mine within the next couple of days.  :)

After car shopping, we ventured over to Greg & Jill's to hang out on the patio for a cookout.  It was a really nice time as the weather was beautiful & the conversations were a-flowin'.

  Sunday - had to get up early, get ready & head out to church for "K"'s First Communion.  She was so pretty in her communion getup.  Then it was off to Greg & Jill's for a quick bite to eat before heading off to my cousin's Diaper Party.  That was a good time - food, convo, bowling & some video game racing with "Z".

I got home, did some chores around the house (didn't get them all done), painted my nails, watched Fear the Walking Dead, read a chapter of Chamber of Secrets & hit the sack.


  1. You're making me hungry with talk of hibachi :). Sounds like a good weekend! I hope you get Cappy:).

    Ps....joeys mom drove an Equinox. That thing was crap!

    1. Hey, friend, I'm so glad that you stopped by! I've missed you! But the hibachi was really good & I even had me some California Roll as an appetizer. Yum! :)

  2. I am seriously living in the dark ages these days. Can I blame it on having to littles?! I've never heard that song AND I had no idea Chevrolet had a Captiva- and I usually know my vehicles! LOVE it though and I hope Cappy if yours asap!

    1. You're a busy mama nowadays so you can for sure blame it on them. The Captivas were only made for a couple of years & now the Chevy Trax will be replacing them. They were made to be fleet vehicles & Cappy was but she still has a warranty & such on it. By the way, she is mine, I picked her up last night. :)

  3. New car shopping is so much fun! I've been driving the same little SUV for 10 years now and it's about time for an upgrade for me too!

    1. I had my Cobalt for about six/seven years & I wanted something a lil bigger, she was a good car & now she'll be put in storage for my youngest stepdaughter. :)


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