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Oh, The Drama...

So, just the other day, the lovely Erin over at TexErin-in-SydneyLand posted Facebook, I love/hate you & right now, I am totally loving Facebook cuz I'm watching drama between some people & it's cracking me up.

I mean, the stupidity shown by some people just intrigues me.  & it's just not teenagers, I've seen some stupid shit come outta teenagers but you expect that because they're teenagers & most of them are pretty stupid & don't think beyond a minute from now.

But the adults...oh my gosh...the adults.  They think that acting like a teenager & posting horrible, hateful things is okay.  Really?!  No wonder their children act like complete & total morons cuz the apple does not fall far from the tree!

I just try to understand the low that these people drop to but I just do not get, in the meantime, I'm gonna just sit back & watch the show cuz this is better than any soap opera on TV!


  1. I'm seriously cracking up at all the memes you found! Ha, ha!

    1. I just could not help it. Oh, did you see that there was more stuff between Dumb Daughter & Moronic Mother? I didn't get to really read as I was at the baseball game but I'll be venturing to check it out. Ha!

  2. This is a good way to look at things and find the humor in them. Because, I mean, laughing at people is fun, right?! ;)

    1. I just wonder if they ever scroll down their Facebook & see that stuff & just think "what the Hell was I thinking?!" It's just insane, it really is.


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