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Musical Monday / Weekend Update: Part I...

Musical Monday:  Die for You by Otherwise.  This is by a band I probably would not have found if I didn't go to Rock USA.  I made up a Rock USA playlist on Spotify of all the bands that were performing.  I did there two most played songs & added them.  This was one for Otherwise & I was really excited to see it.  They put on a great show & I would see them again, if I had the chance.

Weekend Update:  since my weekend started on Thursday, that's where I'll start...

    Thursday - I got my butt outta bed & got ready to hit the road to Oshkosh to start our Rock USA weekend.  I was SO damn excited!

First, we wanted to get fully bellies so we had lunch at Olive Garden, headed to the hotel to drop off our stuff & then headed to the Ford Festival Grounds.  By the time we got there, the first band was already playing - Wayland.  We picked out our seats & then went to get our big ol' Rock USA mugs (which I didn't get a picture of - ugh!).  As we walked into the cocktail tent, a woodchip went right through my shoe into my foot.  Yea, there was blood & I thought it was a bad way to start the adventure.

It was just the hubby & I for most of the day.  After each performance, we got up to do some walking around the grounds to see what there was to offer.  Paul was happy cuz he got free cigs & chew from some vendors (he doesn't chew but he'll be giving it to a friend).


Paul watching Trivium.
He got that hat there & was SO happy
as he needed a hat like that.

Right before In This Moment started, my aunt, uncle & cousin arrived:

Uncle Felix, "G", Aunt Julie, me & Paul.

Since we got four free tickets,
we took this shot & sent a thank you to
the gal we got the tickets from.

In This Moment.
Maria changed into about six different 
outfits leading my cousin to ask if
we were at a Britney Spears concert.  Tee hee!

This was the second time I've seen them & 
they killed it.  Lzzy Hale is AMAZING!

Five Finger Death Punch.
The first time I saw them, we didn't stay for
the whole show as I almost got trampled.
This time, I stayed FAR away from any moshing
& enjoyed the show immensely.  :)

Stay tuned for parts two & three...


  1. One of my absolute favorite things about music festivals is finding a new song or band. And, I'm digging this Otherwise song. I've never heard of them. So, thanks for sharing with your fellow rock chick!

    1. I'm glad that you like it! They really were pretty cool. When we went to Northern Invasion last year, I was introduced to Starset & they played at Rock USA as well & they were just as good the second time around. :)


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