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Tuesday Talk...

So, I was bouncing around ideas for this week's Tuesday Talk & decided that since my face has been glued to the TV the last two night watching the Olympics, I should write about that.  So, here are some things that I have learned from the Olympics thus far:

    1.  It's table tennis NOT ping pong...didn't realize there was a difference.  Apparently, there is.  Sorry, my bad.  Looks the same to me.

    2.  Aly Raisman is unbelievable!  Everyone talks about Gabby & Simone but this girl ROCKED it on Sunday night on the floor.  Holy crap!  I cannot wait to watch more of her.

    3.  I LOVE SWIMMING!  I get so into it.  I'm on the edge of my seat.  I'm standing.  I'm cheering them on as if they can hear me & WILL move that much faster.  Oh, so much fun to watch!

    4.  Micheal Phelps is not only great at swimming, he's great at casting evil spells with his eyes.  So scary!  I wonder if he was listening to some Slipknot or DevilDriver on those big headphones.

    5.  The names David Boudia & Steele Johnson are two of the coolest names I've ever heard!  I just want to have a baby boy to name him Steele Boudia.  You think I'm kidding...I am not.  Tee hee!

    6.  I love Lilly King!  When she shook her finger at Yulia Efimova, I fell in love.  She was just letting it be known how she feels & how pretty much the rest of the world feels about the cheating Russians being able to still participate in the Olympics.  & then she went & beat Efimova - you go girl!


  1. Thanks for this! LOVE the Olympic spirit!

    1. My sleep has really been limited lately due to the Olympics & that's okay. It's only every four years, so I better enjoy 'em when I have them. :)

  2. We haven't watched much around here, but it's so fun to watch any of the events. Gymnastics and swimming are always hits though!

    1. Aria would probably love to watch the girls in gymnastics. It's just amazing the things that they can do!

  3. I love, love, Lilly King! I just love her straight forward attitude and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Even better that she kicked that girl's butt! :).

    1. Oh, I was so happy when she beat her. & like, Lilly said, she can win without cheating & that's the mark of a true athlete. Love her!

  4. Totally agree! I love Aly Raisman and my daughter is a huge Steele Johnson fan.

    1. Steele...I mean, he could not have been anything else but an athlete with that name. So cool. :)


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