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It's Wednesday So That Means...

This linkup is called Weekly Lessons & the hosts are Mattie and Lex.  So, if you wanna join in, hope on over to linkup!  :)

Mandie's Weekly Lessons:

  1.  Too many cooks in the kitchen DO ruin the stew.  So, without getting into too many details, too many people got involved in a situation & it exploded all over the place yesterday leaving Trouble & one of my friends hurting.  I am so angry that it got blown up so big when I was going to be the one to take care of it but other people open their damn mouths which caused more of an issue.  I talked with my friend this morning & explained everything from my point to her, told her that I had her back & that I was there for her.  It's going to be a battle for her & I hate that more people got involved than should have been.  Ugh, it just makes me so mad!  

  2.  Bread-makers are only second to crock-pots.  Now, if you're new around these parts, I have a great love for my crock-pot.  I make SO much in it & it really has been a Heaven sent.  After some issues with trying to bake bread for our Souper Sundays, I had enough & bough myself a bread-maker with some mixes.  I made my first loaf on Sunday & it went over really well.  So, my Sundays will now be ruled by the crock-pot of soup & the bread-maker.  Awhoo hoo!

  3.  It's the little things that count.  "K" stopped in the office today before heading off to school & she dropped off some bookmarks that she made for me.  She really made my day & I thanked her many times & told her to have a good day.  She is so sweet!  I love her!  :)


  1. I'm sorry about that situation you're dealing with! Homemade bread...yum! We love to use our crockpot. Those bookmarks are sooo cute! Thanks for linking up!

    1. We'll make our way through the situation, there is no other option but to move forward. Homemade bread is the best...even if the bread maker about 98% of the work. Tee hee!

  2. Oh, I'm totally going to look into getting a breadmaker! That sounds absolutely heavenly!

    1. It is great! I got four different kinds of bread mixes & the potato white went over well, I think that next I'm gonna do the wheat & see how that flies.


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