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Meet My Loves...

I saw that both Stephanie and Dara did this lil post & I wanted to join in & share things about some of my loves.  Now, mind you, I have tons of loves but I'll just focus on the ones that live under my roof.  :)

  My husband, Paul.  We'll be together for eight years in June & have been married for four years.  We met at just the right time in both of our lives.  He had been divorced for over four years & had been primarily raising his two daughters.  He was still a bit wild & crazy & still is but has tamed with age & the fact that he's with an old lady...well, a lady that acts old as he's five years older than me.  He has brought out my inner-nerd & love for travel.  He pushes me to try new things as he's always up for an adventure.  He's one of the kindest people & there isn't much that angers him...except traffic, he hates traffic & mayonnaise.  Ha!

  My eldest, Trouble aka Kaylee.  She will be twenty in May & it seems that she's kinda getting her shit together.  She has been our problem child from day one.  She doesn't like to follow the rules, she's all sass with a capital "S" & beautiful.  Her & I have not always been on good terms but that's because I am the only person who does not bow to her & take her shit.  I am always honest with her, I don't sugarcoat but I am supportive & all I want for her is to be doing well, making good choices & being happy.  She is starting to see with age that I am not being a bitch but that I am trying to educate her, even so much so that she has asked me to adopt her & said that by the end of this year, I will be her legal mother.  So, I must be doing something right.  By the way, she doesn't live under our roof but added her as she is my child.  :)

  My youngest, Sunshine aka Regan.  She is sixteen years old but has always been an old soul.  She is one of the sweetest & kindest people.  She has her moments but she has a great heart & genuinely loves everyone.  She does decent in school & is involved in the school gymnastics team.  I pushed both girls to get involved in something & she first started with dance & then moved to gymnastics & I couldn't be prouder.  Without actually pushing her out of my body, she sure is my kid!  We like pretty much the same things, have the same temperament (sometimes, not good) & like to have order to things.  She's a good kid & I know will go places.  I am excited to see what her future holds whether she'll be the next Detective Nick Burkhardt (from Grimm) or the next best chef - two fields she's interested in - it'll be a trip that I got to enjoy with her from the time she was wee young one who held my in parking lots.

  My baby, Tyrion Peter.  This lil bundle of joy came into our lives about four years ago & is really one of my favorite living beings.  I actually told Paul that I am worried about getting another cat as I don't think that I could love another cat as much as I love Tyrion.  No jokes.  Trouble got him for me when Chandler decided to go on an eight day adventure.  I met him & he was so cute & dumb & told Paul that if we were keeping him, that we were naming him "Tyrion" after Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones.  He agreed.  Tyrion has added such joy & laughter into our lives.  Everyone loves him even people that aren't "cat people" love him, that's how fabulous he is.  See, told ya, I love him SO much.  :)


  1. Awe! I love this!

    Can we please just talk about how have you and Paul been together for 8 years!? Holy moly! That doesn't seem possible! I remember your very first date!!

    You are one blessed lady, and they are SUPER blessed to have you! <3

    1. Gotta love love, right? :)

      I know, I cannot believe that we'll be together eight years. It's been an interesting eight years & nobody knows that better than you.

      Blessed somedays, cursed on others...again, you know that. Tee hee!

  2. That is so amazing that you are adopting your older girl! You sound like a great mom to the two of them.

    1. I was surprised that she wanted me to adopt her as we've had our ups & downs. So, I don't really know if I'm that great or if her birth mother aka The Pod is that bad...or a lil of both. Ha!


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